Small wonders child development centre

Eccles crescent
Spruce Grove AB  90210

Phone: 7806951511

Small wonders child development centre

Hours of operation: 6:45 am to 4:45 pm Monday through Friday.

I walk to Ecole Broxton Elementary School twice a day
Drop offs and picks ups are not recommended between the following hours:
AM- between 8:25-8:45am
PM- between 3:00-3:25pm

Naptime/Quiet time is a part of our daily routine, so drop offs and pick ups between 12:00 - 3:00 are strongly discouraged as it can interfere with the schedule.

I am closed for all statutory holidays, when stats fall on weekends, I may be closed for days in lieu.
When it comes to vacation time, I try my best to communicate far in advance

What are the fees?
Monthly –
Under 20 months = $920/month per child
Over 20 months =$835/month per child
Daily – 52$/day per child (anything over 4 hours a day) Half day - $32 per child (anything less than 4 hours a day)

When choosing my day home you are choosing a pet friendly home that will give your child a wonderful opportunity to interact with animals and learn how to respect and treat them.

Am I eligible for Government Subsidy?
You can find out if you are eligible online. Search for the Government of Alberta, Children and Youth Services. Click on the top let, Programs and Services. Click on the menu that says Child Care and then click on parents.

What is the ratio at the dayhome?
I can care for up to six children at a time, my own child included. I can only care for two children under the age of two and three under three in this ratio.

What kind of training do you have?
I am an early learning and childcare graduate of Grant MacEwan University. I have worked in childcare since 2001, and I have worked with children with special needs since 1999.

Are meals provided?
A morning snack, lunch and afternoon snack are provided.

What does your programming look like?
My philosophy is to treat each child as a unique individual. Through a play-based approach to learning, children develop skills in early literacy, math and science, as well as an experience of fine art. I focus on helping children develop a strong sense of self, group social skills, and a sense of wonder at discovering the world around them. Children are exposed to a rich variety of activities and experiences that are age appropriate and stimulate cognitive development and imagination, while building self-esteem and confidence. My dayhome is prepared daily with experiences that encourage free play according to the children’s current interests. Children have daily opportunities for sand and water play, dress up and pretend play, and outdoor activities. Books, puzzles and art supplies are readily accessible for their exploration.

Sickness Policy:
If your child shows any of the following signs, they are not able to attend the dayhome:
- Vomiting, having a fever, diarrhea , or a new, unexplained rash or cough
- Requiring greater care and attention than can be provided without compromising the care of the other children in the home
- Displaying any other illness or symptoms that I believe may indicate that the child poses a health risk to others in the home
If I notice your child showing any of the signs mentioned above, I will ensure that you pick up the child immediately or you will arrange for someone else to pick up if you are unable to.
The child is not able to return to the dayhome until the child no longer poses a risk to others in the dayhome. ( ex: a doctor’s note , or the child has been symptom free for AT LEAST 24 hours)

As a graduate of the Early Learning and Child Care program, I strive to run my dayhome with the best practice. Because of my passion and desire to go above and beyond I have also in the past opened up my home to Grant MacEwan University Students to do their field placements. It is always possible that there may be students in the home in the future.

In January 2015 I was featured in the newly released curriculum framework written by staff at Grant MacEwan University. It is a framework for early childhood educators to develop their own framework for each individual child and program. My story can be found between pages 221-233.
Play, Participation and Possibilities: An Early Learning and Child Care Curriculum Framework for Alberta.

We go outside twice a day, every day. It is expected that your child will come dressed appropriately for the weather. This includes snow pants, toques, mittens, boots, and sunscreen and hats in the summer.
Lastly, please make sure your child is dressed appropriately for play! We will get dirty, so clothes that are allowed to get messy are best. Also, clothing that promotes independence would be best ( ex: overalls or onesies are not easy to get in and out of for bathroom routines)

What is your policy on child guidance?
I provide an environment where each child’s self esteem is enhanced, each child develops independence and each child is encouraged to care for others.
I want children to like themselves, to feel secure and confident and to experience success while in my care. I recognize children’s developmental abilities and needs, and accept children for who they
are. I acknowledge that children are growing and learning about their world and how to interact in it.
The purpose of my Child Guidance Policy is to outline approaches that I use to guide young children’s behaviour and to stage the approaches that are not acceptable at the dayhome.
Positive Approaches in Guiding Young Children
1. I role model appropriate behaviour in my interaction with children, families.
E.g.) I sit while eating as children are expected to sit while eating
2. I use “active listening” to acknowledge children’s feelings E.g.) “ You seem very frustrated because Tony has the toy you wanted to play with.”
3. I provide a safe, healthy, child centered environment that reflects developmentally appropriate practices and supports children’s natural exploration and positive interactions
I provide opportunities for children to make choices and age appropriate decisions
E.g.) “Would you like water or milk with you lunch?”
I use transitions as opportunities to support children in making changes in the daily routine
E.g.) “We’ll be going outside soon. We will start cleaning in five minutes. After we clean up, we will get ready to go outside. “
I provide materials that match children’s ages, abilities and interests, so that children experience success
E.g.) the puzzle corner includes jigsaw, knob, floor puzzles with varying number of pieces.
I provide sufficient play materials so that children may play alone or with others.
I evaluate and change the environment in response to children’s needs, interests and behaviour
E.g.) if pathways enable children to run through the room, the play area is rearranged.
I schedule the day with long periods of child-selected play. Children can engage in play and fully expand on their interests and ideas through play.
- The daily schedule includes child initiated play both morning and afternoon
- - Children are included in planning and gathering materials
4. I develop limits and expectations to keep children safe.
I recognize and accept that daily occurrences, changes and issues that affect children’s lives may impact their behaviour
I will talk to you each morning to find out about your child’s health, amount of sleep they had the night before, etc
I am flexible and adaptable with limits; assisting the children as a developmentally appropriate level
E.g.) “Can you think of a way to use the slide safely so no one gets hurt?” (When children are climbing up and sliding down slides)
I respectfully explain the reasons for limits to children using effective communication skills
E.g.) “When I see that toy in your mouth, I worry that you might choke.”
5. I set logical consequences for inappropriate behaviour. Consequences must be immediate, natural, reasonable and respectful. It must be related to the behaviour and individual needs of the children. I explain the consequences in language that the child understands.
E.g.) Writing on the wall- children who draw on the walls will be guided to clean it up.
When a child is treating toys roughly and the behaviour does not change after a verbal cue, he is asked to choose another play area and return when he feels he can safely use the toy
6. I encourage children to solve problems with other children. I teach problem solving skills which encourage and support children in development self-control, a sense of responsibility and a recognition of the needs of others
7. I use positive messages when guiding children’s behaviours E.g.) “Please walk inside.” instead of “No running!”
8. When there are situations of continued inappropriate behaviour, I will meet with the family and develop goals and strategies. When necessary, I will suggest and access community resources for referral and consultation with parenting permission
The following approaches will NOT be used in guiding children’s behaviour:
1. Using any form of physical punishment or harm
2. Making harsh, belittling, degrading statements or comments
3. Withdrawing or using the usual needs and comforts (food,
clothing, shelter, and security items) in order to change behaviour

4. Removing/isolating the children from the group (time out) as punishment.

Accredited Dayhome in broxton park , spruce grove . Grad of early learning and childcare with 16 years experience . Smoke free home with pets .

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